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Channelled Readings From the World of Spirit

It is my intention to reproduce here some of the readings that have been given/channelled from Spirit for inclusion in our Sunday divine services over the past year as I have been asked many time for copies. The readings often contain very uplifting messages for us all.

All readings channelled through Mike Gillies unless otherwise stated.



                                                   Friday Dec 21st 2018

                                                   Carol Service Reading

I address you as your father in Spirit.

As the World begins the yearly festivities for celebrating the birth into the physical world of my Son Jesus, remember that as each & every one of you are a part of me & I a part of you, Jesus is also a part of you, regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Jesus brought light into the world at a time when it was sorely needed, & that need has never diminished. I gave you free will, free thought to live your successive lives as you desired those lives to be, to experience life from  rich to the poor, from bad to good & everything in between. Only in this way can you, my children, grow up & take your rightful place by my side once more.

So many of my children are still at a young age – throwing tantrums & not listening. Others are at the young teenage years, beginning to find their feet and place in the world. Many more are beginning to realise that there is more to life than is known. You here, & many more like you will also be the bringers of that light into a world that has never needed it so badly as now. The light I speak of encompasses love, compassion & truth. Love will light the way ahead, it has to be, there is no other way.


                                       Blessings to you all, my bringers of Light.

                                               Reading for church 19th Feb 2017

Good morning again from the Spirit Realms, there is so much going on that we would like to comment on but time does not permit us do so (that is, time as you understand it)! We comment about the unhappy state of the planet many times to you and of course many other similar gatherings around the world. So many of you say ‘what can I do about the state of the world, I am just one person’

       So we want to remind you once again that the way you think about the world around you can bring about great change. You don’t need to go off into the forest & meditate for hours to send healing love and light out into the world,, although of course there is nothing wrong with communing with nature, but our point is that you just have to have the INTENT, the thought of wanting a world filled with light, love, compassion and tolerance. In this way you can be a beacon of light to others to see. The power of thought is still not understood by most people, when you gather together in prayer, the energy created is very strong, this light energy is pushed out into the vibrational frequency of the planet & helps to re charge the almost depleted positive energy of your world. Every prayer that is offered up, whether it be in churches or individuals saying their prayers at the end of the day, sends out an energy to the collective consciousness of the planet and is registered within that consciousness, so never think that you cannot do anything, for in thinking that you surely will not contribute anything to the energy of the planet.


Once again, remember who you really are in your true form, you are all spiritual energy and light, living out an experience in physical form, in order that you can take that experience back to the source of all creation

                              Reading for Church service March 3rd 2019

Greetings once again, we are pleased to share in your gathering here once more. It is always a pleasure to share time with you, our light workers, especially as at the moment, there is still so much turmoil & uncertainty that threatens the balance & harmony of existence on this Earth plain.

This is one reason amongst many that you find a bit of peace and healing in attending these gatherings to help spread the light out into the world through prayer & by just being here. Yes, the messages that come from the Spirit realms relayed through the mediums that work for you & us are an important part of these services, but we know that many people also hope & expect to hear  exciting revelations about the future of mankind and the world of spirit, but here’s the thing; YOU are the revelation, YOU are the exciting news, Worldwide, so many of you are beginning to wake up to the sad state of your surroundings, the consequence of what you call ‘modern living’ we won’t belabour the point, we have spoken of this many times before. Suffice to say, light is beginning to shine through the darkness of the 21st century in so many ways, but you will not read about it, well hardly at all, it serves the present world-wide power base to keep the fear and uncertainty about the future to the forefront of your news outlets.

So we come this morning to remind you that you carry the light of the creator inside you, as a consequence you are a part of the creator & all creation throughout the universe, you cannot be parted from this grand creation, so do not think that you do not matter, let your light shine out, be a beacon of hope & love, don’t think ‘well how do I do that’ JUST BE….& your light will shine from you. So we leave you to….JUST BE here in Gods love & light, the light that shines out from you all.

                           Reading for Sunday service April 7th 2019

Good Morning our dear friends, as ever it is a pleasure to be asked to contribute to your morning service.

As you can imagine, we on our side of the veil look on with dismay and frustration at the antics of so many sections of humanity right now. As many of you here know, we are not able to interfere directly with situations because they are experiences that many souls chose to have ‘this time around’ & for many to revisit ‘old’ experiences to ‘get it right this time’. Again, many do get it right this time, but then, many also get it wrong again by falling foul of the same mistakes, ‘again & again’.

But are they really mistakes? In many situations ‘practice makes perfect’ is a very valid saying. At each ‘wrong turning’ comes a little more learning (Oh, that rhymes)!  Until the penny drops, the aha moment of why could I not see that before! Well, you are eternal Spirit so it does not matter how long it takes to reach that Aha moment. In these few words it sound simple, but just think about the huge number of other souls you come into contact with on your life journey, who are also traversing their own way through life experiences and the way you all interact, and suddenly life is not so simple.

So what is the point of this communication? As said, we cannot interfere directly with your life experience, but, we do try to help by working on your inbuilt intuition, you all come with this ‘software’ already downloaded, free from the maker! Have you ever found yourself doing something, or about to do something but you get that nagging thought that you should not continue? Well, that’s us advising you to ‘think about is again’. And then you may feel indecision about doing something, then suddenly it all falls into place in your mind, that’s us again, advising that, yes, if you decide to go for it, it will be OK. It is still your freewill to do or not to do, to go or not to go, we just observe and suggest to your intuition. Many people ask for divine guidance through prayer and meditation….and then don’t follow the advice coming to them through intuition, can you imagine how frustrating that is for us! But to link this to our earlier comments, it is all part of your learning or re learning experience.

So, we will leave it there for now. We wish you peace love and light as you walk your chosen path ‘this time round’.

                                  Reading for Sunday service May 7th 2019

Once again we thank you for welcoming us to participate in your service here this morning.

Let us ponder on that word ‘service’ and its meaning. It is used in so many contexts; Church Service, Burial Service, Restaurant Service, Rail Service, Service as called out in Restaurant kitchens, Maid Service, Waiter Service, Vehicle service, Service as called out in the sport of tennis, and many years ago, men & women entered into service with those who could afford such things.

So, each use of the term ‘Service’ implies the giving of something, & that something is as varied as the many different uses of the word ‘Service’. Right now, in this service you are all being of service to the Planet & every being that lives on & in it, & also yourselves individually by generating & sending out LIGHT! You cannot have light without Love, hence the oft used term ‘LOVE & LIGHT’.

When you leave this service & go home you are still being of service. The Light that exudes from each one of you does not stop because you have left this place of worship. The light of the creator is in each & every one of you. So bask in the knowledge that this love & light IS WITHIN YOU – be of service to others by being kind in thought and speech, be tolerant of others differing views, be compassionate in your dealings with those who have ‘lost their way’ in this 21st century way of life. There is light & love enough for all.


May you continue your life adventures always in Love & Light.

                               Reading for Sunday service July 7th 2019


Good morning once again from the Spirit realms. As ever we are pleased to contribute to your service with these words. It is heartening to see all the various 'clean up' programs & attempts beginning worldwide to negate the consequences of waste and pollution which abounds everywhere on the planet, in the seas' rivers and streams, the land. But the collective consciousness of the planets inhabitants is waking up to the fact (a little late we may say) that things must change, those physical things that you perceive that you must have to be happy, must be evaluated for their worth both to you and your surroundings. The planet that is your home to you is a living entity in its own right and needs its rights to be recognised.

Mankind feels the need to be nurtured, to be fed, to be kept clean, loved and cherished, well, so does the planetneed to be kept clean,loved and cherished and nurtured. At last this fact is being recognised worldwide. As said many times before, you and many more like you who look for a more spiritual way of living are the bringers of light onto the planet, we applaud those who are involved in seeking different ways of producing clean energy, clean transportation, cleaner ways of living this physical existance. They are all bringers of light in their own way.

Thankfully the groundswell of voices against destruction of the rain forests, plundering the planet for its mineral wealth is gaining ground. So be hopeful for the future, you have it all to play and pray for. May you all continue your journeys of discovery and experience always in God's light and love. 

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